Here’s a flash fiction I wrote back in high school. Thought I’d post something short for my first… post. Now do the thing with your eyes.

The small grey robot swung his feet over the bed. He stretched out his arms and attempted to yawn, but nothing came out of the robot’s mouth. He wasn’t even tired. In fact he hadn’t even fallen asleep last night. He just stayed in bed all night, looking up at the plain white ceiling. He had no idea how the humans did it every night. He was in pajamas. A blue button shirt with little yellow ducks on them coupled with similar pants. The pajamas barely fit the round, cylindrical robot.

Timmy, as the humans called him, went into the bathroom. He walked to the sink, twisting the hot water knob. Steam flew up from the running water. The grey bot stuck his metallic finger dangerously close to the stream. But he pulled his hand back. Timmy turned off the faucet. He would skip that step. He opened the cabinet above the sink, revealing an assortment of make up. Timmy put everything on. He then walked back into the bedroom, looking like a circus clown. He discarded the pajamas. The robot opened the closet door, revealing an abundance of suits. After ripping each one, Timmy just wrapped a thin, red tie around his upper body, where his neck would be if he were a human.

Timmy was downstairs, eating a bowl of cereal. Little pieces of marshmallow floated around the wheat pieces. The same cereal the little girl loved to eat. The robot lifted the spoon to his mouth, pouring the cereal and milk down his throat. Ten minutes later, Timmy was putting his dirty dishes in the dishwater. When he finished, he headed towards the front door. He reached up, grabbing a brown fedora from the coat rack. Fully prepared for his day, Timmy opened the door. He walked down the driveway to the sidewalk. On the grass directly in front of him, there was a red flower, similarly colored as his tie.

Timmy picked the flower and looked up, viewing a burning city just past the hills of the suburbs. The small robot looked around. He opened his mouth. Another beautiful day, he grumbled. Like the human man would always do before we went to work. It sounded like a dog. Timmy then remembered, it was the little girl’s birthday tomorrow. She had asked for a puppy ever since Timmy’s motherboard had been connected. That’s what Timmy would do today, get the little girl a puppy. The robot walked to the right, towards the burning city. The little girl would be excited, the robot presumed, when she and the older humans returned from their trip to the beyond.


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