Desolate Lands Online: Introduction


Desolate Lands Online (DLO) is a fictional virtual reality massively multiplayer online role-playing game (Or VRMMORPG for short, which is still a mouthful…) created by Absolute MediumTM (a fictional company). This will be an ongoing story written about the adventures of the characters in the game. The characters in DLO, however, are based on friends I’ve met online while the protagonist is based on yours truly! As this will be an ongoing story, I’ll try to post segments or chapters or whatever here on a semi-regular basis. While I haven’t written much so far, I wanted to at least get an introduction off to let y’all know what I have planned. Now onto the DLO’s story!


There was once a virtuous king named Abaddon who ruled over a region known as the Abundant Lands. All the species of the land lived together in peace with only the heavens above them. There was no war, no famine, no pestilence, and death wasn’t feared, as the people knew their soul would be taken care of in the afterlife. King Abaddon saw over all of it and made sure nothing terrible befell the land. Until the fateful day the ground beneath the king’s own castle ripped apart, bringing forth a swarm of monstrosities and an ominous tower from the core of the world itself. As the monstrosities spread across the Abundant Lands, the tower pierced the very heavens the people of the land once looked up to. With King Abaddon gone, there was no inkling of hope and turmoil soon engulfed the Abundant Lands, turning the home of all into a desolate wasteland. The Desolate Lands!

While most had given up hope, King Abaddon’s Council still saw a way to bring light back to the land by conquering the tower! Named the Desolate Tower, it consists of 101 levels, each level with challenges tougher than the last. King Abaddon’s Council assumed that the tower, and who or whatever resided in the 101st floor, was behind the monstrosities plaguing the land. A call was then sent out across the Desolate Lands for brave warriors to come and surmount the Desolate Tower and slay the beast hiding out on the 101st floor!


Players will first create their own character. A variety of species and races are available to choose from. From there, players can choose their gender and appearance. After their appearance is finalized, a starting class and guide are chosen next. While the starting classes are basic, classes in-game can be changed depending on equipped weapons, armor, and assigned skill points and abilities. The guides are small personal companions that act as helpers to the player. While they don’t have any offensive capabilities, they can help with an assortment of other things and can even be upgraded to perform differing and more complicated tasks. After that, players choose and name for their character and their guide. Once the names are accepted, players enter DLO!

In game, players are given basic armor, a weapon, ten skill points, and a standard dwelling from the start. After completing a few beginning quests, the world opens up. Players can then level up, acquire new gear, friend or fight fellow players, buy better abodes in better locations, and attempt the Desolate Tower alone or with a group! If a group gains enough members and/or accomplishes noteworthy feats, they can become guilds. And the first player, group, or guild to make it to the 101st floor and defeat the final boss wins the game!

There’s the catch though! Since this is the first VRMMORPG (in this universe), Absolute MediumTM put a contest in place to influence people to buy and play DLO. Whoever clears the 101st floor, defeats the final boss, and wins the game; will receive riches beyond their wildest dreams and a large share of Absolute MediumTM. To win the contest is the ultimate goal of every player! So remember, even your closest friend will be after the prize. Don’t let anything get in your way if you truly want to win!


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