Update: Mon, Nov. 16, 2015

So, uh… I’ve got some fun news. My computer is dead! Isn’t that fantastic?! Water spill… Caused by my sister…. Ugh…. So yeah, I need a new one. Good news, I didn’t lose everything! Since all my stuff is on my google drive and an external hard drive. Bad news, I lost everything from the last week. Meaning I lost everything I’ve written on the fourth chapter of DLO….

But no stress! I’ll get right back on it soonish. For the moment I wanna write a short story to get my mind off what I’ve lost… This short story will also tie into the next full story I’m going to write. Yay, world building! This next story will be more in the fantasy department. Meaning it will take place in a “real life” fantasy environment, not in a virtual reality fantasy environment. So in other words, I’m not really gonna be writing anything different. HAH!! Hah hah…

Any other news? Uhh… Can’t think of anything. I still don’t have a clear idea of what I’m doing with this blog thing. I wanna do more than just post fictional stories, but I don’t know where to begin. Might add more posts about video games and stuff…. Ah, whatever, that’s for laters. Crying about my dead computer is for now. WAAAAAAAAH!! I mean it was about six years old… So I’m glad I’m finally gonna get a new one. I just didn’t want it to happen like this…. Oh, and I’m using my mom’s dell right now. God I hate PCs… It’s sooo slooow and crashy… That’s a word right? I’m a writer!


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