I GOT MY NEW COMPUTER!!!! I am now a happy camper. Cause I can start actually doing work again! Isn’t that…. great…. So uh, here’s the short story that will tie into next full story I’m gonna write that I talked about in the last update. It’s called Captive! A title I’m not quite fond of, but I couldn’t think of anything better…. The story it’s tied to is called Golan the Wizard! It’s about a wizard. Named Golan. I’m great at titles!




She had gotten far this time. Each step through the wooded landscape was a step farther away from the enclosure. They had to be close behind. They must have found out she had escaped almost as soon as she ran off. But she had still gotten pretty far. The snow was most likely helping her progress. The dozens of tiny white flakes fell at a rapid rate, covering the ground in a thick blanket. While the snow must of made it harder for the guards to track her footsteps and the dogs to pick up her scent, the cold powder heavily hindered the girl’s progress. Her thin, light grey gown and flat plastic shoes did nothing to protect her body from the harsh flurry. Nevertheless, she was almost out of the woods. The treetops thinned out above her, letting through beams of pale moonlight.

Just as the field beyond the forest came into view, the girl’s foot suddenly snagged on a root jutting out of the ground. While she was able to brace her fall, a jagged stone scraped her shin. After a moment of sharp pain, she cautiously eyed the damage. Nothing major, only a bright red scratch across her pale skin. The young girl moved into a sitting position, ignoring the snow going up her gown. She cupped her hands around her shin and began to focus. A light white glow slowly started to form between her hands and her leg. Before she could actually start the healing process, a faint chirp hindered her train of thought. A brilliant white bird was lying in the snow, right in between two handprints. The only thing that separated the bird from the white slush around it was the red caked onto its wing.

The girl took her hands off of her shin and gently scooped up the bird. She examined it for a bit before muttering, “It’s a dove…” under her breath. She rubbed her thumb over the stained red wing. The dove twitched and gave a loud squawk. “Dried blood… You hurt?” The child eyed the scratch on her shin. Her attention went back to the bird. She could still run with her hurt leg, but the bird couldn’t fly with its injured wing. She didn’t want to expend valuable energy healing two things. After a second of thought, the bird was tightly cupped in the girl’s hands. A light white glow surrounded the bird. The girl slowed her breathing. She needed to be calm to heal. Treating people at the enclosure had taught her that.

Strong wind whipped through the air, blasting snow against the girl’s back. She tried her hardest to ignore the cold, focusing on the bird between her palms. A moment later, a soft coo echoed through the crisp air. The child opened her hands, revealing a happy and healthy dove. “Are you okay?” The dove cooed again, rubbing itself against the girls palms. “Looks like it…” The girl gave a rare smile. Nothing at the enclosure had ever made her smile. She licked her lips as her mouth returned to its normal, flat state. There was a second of silence before the white dove was gently tucked into the girl’s grayish gown. “I’ll keep you safe,” she whispered.

The girl immediately shot up to her feet, wincing a bit as pain shot through her shin. She had heard the sound of distant barking. The faint glow of lights flashed throughout the forest. They had caught up. The girl turned back towards the open field, her legs picking up speed beneath her despite the trouble her hurt leg brought upon her. The surrounding trees thinned out as she made her way to the moonlit field. While she had no idea what was beyond the field, anything would be better than going back the enclosure. The Superintendent treated her like a pet. Kept her sheltered, and clothed, and fed, but didn’t treat her like a person. She was rewarded for following orders but punished for acting out of line. The Superintendent was only using the girl for his own gains. All he cared about were her powers.

The barking became louder, stronger. The dogs had caught her scent. Soon enough, a couple dogs followed by several guards were hot on the girls trail. The guards were barking orders to the barking dogs, telling them not to attack. The dogs were to merely apprehend. The girl started to tense up, her heart beat quickening. Her left hand clenched into a fist as her right hand clutched the bird closer to her chest. They couldn’t catch her. Not again. This had to be her final escape. She knew if she were to be brought back to the enclosure, The Superintendent would take away the few freedoms she had left. The girl’s body tightened up even more; she could feel energy build up within her. They wouldn’t catch her. She had to get away at all costs. And nothing would stop her this time.

As soon as one of the four-legged beasts caught up with the girl, it pounced, sending her straight to the snow covered ground. The child let out a shriek as the dog put its full weight on her back, pinning her down. Her breathing became short and rapid; she had to fight back. The girl kept the bird cupped to her chest as she extended her free hand, pushing herself up off the ground. With all her might, the girl was able to stand up, making the dog fall off her body. She then picked up the dog by its throat and threw it back against the other barking beasts, sending them all several feet back.

The girl continued on her way, her body beginning to ache from the release of energy. But due to the dull pain that spread across her, she was only able to get five or so steps in before a light shined directly behind her. A guard from the enclosure had finally caught up with her. Seymour, The Superintendent’s number two, tightly grabbed the girl’s left shoulder.

“You got far this time, little bitch…” He growled before pulling the girl back, away from the freedom that the field held. “Do you even know how sick I am of having to do this so often? God… You’re lucky The Superintendent decided to come along this time… Otherwise you sure wouldn’t make it back unharmed. ”

“Let go of me!” the girl screamed, thrashing her body about. Her long black hair violently whipped around her head as she fought to break free of the guard’s grasp, her left hand still covering the white bird.

The struggling only make Seymour’s grip stronger. “Like hell!” He spat.

The girl clenched her free hand tight and spun around, socking Seymour squarely in the gut. The sudden impact made the guard loosen his grip, giving the girl enough wiggle room to break free of his grasp. But the continued release of energy caused her to fumble soon after, her knees slammed down to the ground. Seymour quickly recomposed himself and grabbed the girl’s shoulder once more, this time violently shaking her.

“Oh that’s it!” Seymour raised his other hand to smack the girl but halted his swing. A small white bird flew from the girl; moonlight shining off of its outstretched wings. The guard was struck for a moment. “What’s this?”

The young girl let out a sharp gasp.

“Were you hiding something…?” Seymour withdrew a pistol stashed away in his coat. A click sounded out.

“No! Don’t!”

“Well…” there was a pause as Seymour laughed. “While I might not be able to hurt you…” The gun was aimed at the dove. “I see no problem with hurting this bird…” The gun was then lowered as the dove fell down to earth; the only thing separating it from the similarly colored ground was a pool of crimson red.

Yet another thing was taken away from the child. Her parents were taken away. Her hometown was taken away. So many years of her life, taken away by the prison that held her hostage. And now… the small, baby dove that she had just healed was taken away. The one time she used her unholy powers for something truly wholesome, wasted.

“Ooh, now that was fun!”

The girl clenched both of her fists; she could feel the energy surge through her body like an electrical impulse.

“Oh what’s wrong child? Did I kill your little birdie?”

Kill. She was unsure if she could handle the consequences of using her powers for something so extreme. Healing was one thing, but anything like that… The girl didn’t know if her body could even handle it. Simply using her powers to throw the dog off of her took a large toll.

Seymour dug his fingers into the girl, leaving impressions just under her collarbone. “Now stand up, bitch! The Superintendent is right behind me! After he sees I gotcha, we’re going right back to the enclosure. Then we’re gonna take every little thing you have away from you! How does solitary confinement sound?”

The girl slowly got to her feet. He deserved it. He absolutely deserved it. The young girl reached around, wrapping her fingers around Seymour’s wrist. She pulled the guards hand back, off of her neck, causing a loud crack to erupt. Seymour released a shrill screech, but the child didn’t falter. She responded to his scream of pain by turning around and spreading the fingers on her free hand wide apart. Her hand proceeded to enclose around the guard’s neck. “How about…” Black sparks began to burst from her palm, her mouth curving into a malicious smile. “I take every little thing away from you…?” All she got in response was a desperate gargle for air. Wind swept up white dust. The blacks sparks grew in intensity.

A split second later the girl to fall to her knees, feverishly gasping for air. The guard was on the ground in front of her. More crimson red was splattered across the snow and across the girl. Each gasp sent pain shooting throughout her body. Her black eyes were black holes, sucking in her surroundings. The young girl, no more than thirteen years old, had killed a man.

The Superintendent arrived mere seconds later, finding Seymour collapsed in his own blood just in front of the slumped girl. There was a moment of silence as the bald man took in the situation. “I see someone’s had some fun…” The Superintendent crouched, lifting up Seymour’s arm to feel his wrist. “You know, without this little display of your power, I would have thought you were useless. But now that I see you’ve finally replicated one of your many… acts, some of my faith has been restored in you.” The man stood up, wiping his hands on his coat as four other guards arrived behind him. “But only some…”

The girl looked up at The Superintendent.

“If you want to live… I suggest bringing him back.”

“But…” The girl stared at Seymour’s dead body in disbelief, still shocked that she had even killed him. “I-I’ve never been… able to…”

The bald man pulled out his own gun, pointing it at the girl. “Well you’ve never killed somebody… It’s time for you to show both sides of your power.”

The child crawled closer to the corpse. She nervously eyed the gun pointed at her. She quickly averted her eyes; she had to be calm in order to heal. Calm and collected. The girl placed both of her hands over Seymour’s chest, pressing down gently. The feel of the lifeless body unsettled her. The girl shook the thought out of her head as a faint glow enveloped the area. Minutes passed but nothing happened, the body showed no signs of life. The young girl let out sharp gasp as she felt the muzzle of a gun pressed up against the back of her head.

“Your time is running out,” The Superintendent said in a cold voice as he pulled the hammer back.

The child tensed up, her eyes focused on the dead body. She tried her hardest to slow her breathing as she poured all of her energy into her palms, attempting to resurrect a man she hated. The light around the corpse grew in intensity, almost becoming blinding. A beat suddenly pumped throughout the body, followed by several more. The girl quickly took her hands of the body as it started to convulse. Seymour began to claw at the snow-covered ground, agonized moans and groans escaping from his mouth. The girl tried to scramble back, but froze when she felt the gun pressed against her head.

The Superintendent held the girl still for a moment as he gazed upon her work. “Well done my girl,” he said as he slid the gun off of her head, aiming at the body of his number two writhing on the ground. “Well done indeed.” Without any delay, The Superintendent pulled the trigger, sending a bullet through Seymour’s head. More blood splattered over the young girl. “Now… bring him back again.”


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