Update: Fri, Feb. 26, 2016

Yo, yo, it’s Cpu!! The last time I posted something was towards the beginning of the month… Sheesh. I gotta get more content out! For my fans! All two of them. I’m just super lazy. And I lack follow through. And I’m so tired all the time… But anyways, I need to post more stuff. On a more regular basis…

I’m still working on DLO, but I do my writing for that a bit too sporadically. I’m almost done with Chapter 6 of DLO. Just gotta wrap it up then edit it…. But I should have gotten that chapter out already. And then the whole “My Thoughts” thing. The thing is I’m not really close to finishing any game in particular… I was playing my way through Bloodborne and Freedom Planet, but Transistor and Fire Emblem Fates are taking up my attention now. So I don’t know when I’ll post the next “My Thoughts”. And then there’s that short story I posted a while ago… The one that was gonna link to larger story I plan on writing, remember? Yeah. So I have things I’m working on that aren’t being posted in a scheduled manner… So how do I fix that? By creating another writing series!

I have the idea for it down, but I don’t really have a name for it down… Anyways, this new “series” will be a lot more regular but a bit less structured. My goal is to post an entry into this series every Monday. Because of how scheduled it will be, I’ll write about what the heck I feel like. So it’ll be fairly free form. I do know what the subject of the first entry will be though! I’ll be on Pokemon! Cause I absolutely love Pokemon and there’s that whole 20th anniversary thing. Also 7th gen. Gen 7 baby! So expect that offical first entry into whatever the heck the series will be called in three days. Yeah, I’m starting this whole thing this coming Monday! And hopefully I’ll post something every following Monday. Cpu is Audi 5000!!


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