Psychobabble #1

Hah, Monday, told you! Still Monday for me anyways. Meant to post this earlier today, but I’m a lazy turd. Better late than never though, right? Yeah… Anyways, I hope you like the title! I thought it was clever. Since this whole blog thing is called Psycho Android. And this series is about whatever the hell I feel like talking about about. So… Psychobabble… I’ve so clever, I know. Just read the thing an expect another entry next Monday about…. something or another.


Pokémon Psychobabble


Pokémon! A game franchise as old I am. Well just several months older, but still. Pokémon is 20. I’ll be 20 soon. Man… Ever since Pokémon FireRed, Pokémon has held a very special place in the gaming department of my heart. Excluding Gold and Silver, I’ve played most of the main games to near completion. Making my team of mons, beating every gym leader, and attempting the elite four! And among all six current generations, gen 5 shines supreme, with Pokémon Black/White being one of my favorite games of all time.

There was a Nintendo Direct recently on Pokémon, as I’m sure you nerds know… During the Direct, there was a short trailer that built up to the reveal (or should I say the official reveal) of Pokémon Sun and Moon. And while hearing about the first entries into the 7th gen was hype as hell, the build up trailer hit me more than the reveal did. It showed kids of different ages and ethnicities playing Pokémon. That was pretty much all it was, just a bunch of small clips of kids playing Pokémon. And it hit me! I played so much damn Pokémon as a kid… I remember playing the original Pokémon Red on my clear purple GameBoy Color on the floor in my parent’s room. Then playing FireRed on my GBA while my best friend at the time was playing Emerald. Then playing through Diamond, completely loving White, and going to a midnight release of Pokémon X.

And I’ll continue on with Pokémon Moon! (which you already know is the best version) I just hope the story is better than X and OmegaRuby… I know Pokémon isn’t typically story heavy, but I don’t really play the main Pokémon games for anything else really. While I love competitive Pokémon, I use Pokémon Showdown for my competitive fix. Cause you don’t have to deal with the hassle of training and breeding… But back to story! White, by far, had the best story in a Pokémon game. Finally questioning the act of using Pokémon as means to fight. White also had the best characters with N, Cheren, and Bianca. Even the main character you played as felt like more of an actual person than some mindless avatar you have control over. I would just absolutely love it if Pokémon Moon followed the path of White. A plot with better meaning and characters with more personality. X dropped the ball in both those departments…

Story related matters are one thing. What really matters are the new Pokémon themselves! I’m with the crowd of people who think the new designs are getting better, not worse. The current mons are more unique than the old ones, even though Dragonite is my favorite Pokémon… I just don’t want an overabundance of new monsters. (gen 5) Or an overabundance of Mega Evolutions… (gen 6) Giving some old Pokémon a second of third evolution would be fine though. But some. Don’t want another gen 4…

7 generations of Pokémon though! Crazy. 20 years of having cute monsters being forced into cockfights for the entertainment of children. My favorite. Even though is seems like Pokémon has gone on for longer than it should have, I’ll keep coming back. One of the many things I’ll never grow out of. Like bubbles. Who doesn’t like bubbles though?


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