Psychobabble #2

Yeah, two Mondays in a row!  I’m nailing this thing. In other news, expect chapter 6 of DLO later on this week. I swear! Just gotta do the final review and revise. Cause man am I an error monster. My brain is slightly faster than my fingers, ifyouknowwhatimean.


Psychobabble #2

My Current Jams


I listen to music a lot. I pretty much always have music playing whenever I’m doing any one of my hobbies. Writing, drawing, playing games… Spotify is usually open in the background, spewing out the electronic, alt. rock, and indie crap that I like. While I like working or playing or doing whatever I like doing in a quiet setting, I have no problem with having my music blaring. So what have I been listening to lately? Well you can easily just look at the header image and find out… I mean… I’m glad you asked!

Most of the music I listen to is late nineties and early 2000 stuff. I do listen to some more modern things, buuut… A lot of the modern songs and singers are pop trash. You can listen to that stuff and like it and whatever, like my sister… But I find the music annoying. In how it sounds and how its overplayed. It’s just how the music industry is these days, sadly. But! Like I said, I do listen to some modern things. Both groups I’m about to mention came out around 2007-2008 and have both recently released new albums! These groups are Caravan Palace with <|°_°|> and Miike Snow with iii. Man those album names are stupid… A robot face and three lower case I’s?! But whatever. I’m supposed to be talking about the music, not the album names…

I’ve loved the indie pop of Miike Snow and the electro swing of Caravan Palace since the debut albums of both groups. And I love their most recent albums just as much! I’ll start with <|°_°|> (cause the album came out first). The songs in the album just have such a great sound and they’re all pretty unique. I mean Caravan Palace is unique in itself, but the songs in <|°_°|> just add that much more uniqueness. I can only really describe the songs as jazzy house tracks. Just groovy beats you’d dance to in the midst of a midnight rave. That’s sort of the basis of swing though. Just moving and grooving and, well… swinging your body around as everyone else in the area did the same. Take all of that and mesh it with more modern EDM. But the good kind of EDM. Not the untz, untz, untz gobbledygook kind of EDM, you know? I think I’m making sense. Just listen to the album if you’re a fan of slightly vintage sounding hip-hopping electronica. You know the type. My personal favorite song of the album is Midnight. I don’t really know why, I just liked that track that most. Lay Down and Wonderland come close to the top spot though.

I don’t really know how to transition <|°_°|> into iii, so take this jump cut! Miike Snow has always been cool. Their self-titled debut album was cool, Happy to You was cool, and iii is cool. Not only that, but Miike Snow is… weird. The kind of weird that I like though. Indie rock/pop has always been weird to me. That upbeatness of pop mixed with the distinct, “not-mainstream rock” of alternative. Miike Snow, just in general, kinda sounds like a current representation of the nineties. In iii, you can still taste the nineties undertones but the current side of things is shown more. And it’s shown off quite well. Surprisingly. Most the songs that repeat on the radio these days are about such trivial things and only show the more trivial side of things. Like relationships. Relationships are a big thing, especially today where they seem to have more personal weight. Instead of only covering the side of breaking up and moving on or staying stuck that’s so prevalent today, the songs in iii are more about the feelings involved. What you want out of the relationship. What the love actually means. What it means to be with something. The Heart of Me, Genghis Khan, and Back of the Cat are my personal favorite songs of the album that detail these themes quite well.

So those are my current jams. Taking spaaace among the other 900+ songs in my main Spotify playlist. I like music. Since I don’t know how to properly end this, I’ll tell you all my top five favorite groups! First is Gorillaz. Then Daft Punk. Ratatat and Cake take places three and four. As for five… I can’t really say. Miike Snow and Caravan Palace might tie actually. Though Red Hot Chili Peppers could take that spot. Or even Modest Mouse. I’ll just ignore number five for now. My top four favorite groups are set in stone though!


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