Psychobabble #3

Today’s Psychobabble to brought to you by Madoka Magica! Why? Cause that’s the current anime I’m watching. Even though I’ve only seen the first two episodes so far, I got to thinking… What if I were a magical girl? Well I actually didn’t start thinking about that until this morning. Cause I was pondering things to write about today and the whole magical girl thing popped up. So yeah. Magical Girl Cpu!

Psychobabble #3

If I Were a Magical Girl


So magical girls… Cute, young girls gifted with magical powers who fight the forces of evil! Quite a large subgenre of anime and manga. I haven’t seen any magical girl shows though, so I don’t really know the typical tropes and whatnot. I mean I’ve watched a few episodes of Sailor Moon and I just started Madoka but that’s it. I do understand how some things work though. Like how the girls gets their magical powers. Either through some sort of contract, through a mystical item, maybe they’re born with it, or maybe it’s Maybelline. I, however, would get my powers through a different route though. My powers would be forced upon me, like prom sex.

I believe powers of any sort should be more of a curse than a blessing. So If I were to be a magical girl, I’d want my magical powers to be giving to me against my will. The god or devil or whatever of magical girls would grant me powers able to hunt and kill the scum of the mortal realm! Whoever is in charge would be the one to give me my objective and make sure I follow through or face his wrath. Something like that. Now as for my powers…. I’d be an adept fighter who’ll beat the shot outta bad guys with with kickass punches and punchass kicks, yo! But, being a magical girl, I’d be wearing frilly skirt while powered up. Being an acrobatic fighter in a skirt wouldn’t work well… But hey, ain’t nothing wrong with upskirts! Says the male….

Magical powers aren’t the only thing that makes a magical girl. I’d also need a kickass transformation where my regular clothes explode off of me, leaving me naked and spinning as my cute outfit forms around my body! How I’d trigger the transformation comes into play… I wouldn’t wanna use some sort of abstract relic item to transform; like a piece of jewelry, or a small scepter, or a something like that. Being that my powers would come from a curse of some sort, I think having a brand burned on my body would be cool. And painful. But mostly cool. Some how using the brand to activate my transformation. But instead of becoming a hellish creature after the transformation, I’d just be the girl version of myself in a cute and frilly outfit. With the typical stockings, skirt, and ribbons. You know. I’d have to go red for the color of my outfit. Red and white with a bit of gold.

I’d be a normal young high school student by day and a bad guy busting magical girl my night! With my three girl team! Usually the group is of three to five, but I feel like five magical girl team would be a bit much for me. So it’ll just be me and my two other gal pals. As I’d be the physical fighter, an actual magic user and someone with a bladed weapon would help even out my team. The blade girl would be the typical straight-faced type with a deadpan demeanor. And the magic girl would be the one who always tries her best! Or something cheesy like that. As I’d be the eccentric one, having a cold yet levelheaded girl to my right and a bright and cheery girl to my left would make a good balance. So us three young girls with cursed powers forced onto us by a higher being will be the ones to save the day! Well looks like the I have the idea for my next story. Pfft, like I’d actually write a magical girl story…. (I totally would)


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