Psychobabble #4

I didn’t have any ideas about what to write about today… So I’ll just talk about a story idea I have! Cause I have way too many ideas in my head… Getting one of my many ideas out of my mind and onto a document seems like a good idea. Too see if I should stick with the idea or trash it… Well onto brain dumping!


Psychobabble #4

Superhero Story Idea Thing or Something Like That…


So… Where do I start… While all of my stories are fictional, I don’t usually stick to one genre or another. I just like to write about whatever I’m interested in. And I’ve always been interested in super heroes! I’ve been a major Marvel fan ever since my uncle gave me his old collection of comic books when I was a kid. Even though I don’t remember any one comic in particular, I have fond memories of sitting in my room reading through my large stack of comics. Because of that, I’ve always wanted to write my own super hero story. And I’ve had this idea of one for the last couple of years, when I truly got into writing.

The story idea is about a girl in her early twenties who has a literal demon god residing in her head. Original, I know. Anyways, the demon was once trapped in another realm, imprisoned by another god . A god that is seen as a lord and savior by a large religious cult. Well being trapped made the demon angry. Incredibly angry. Due to the fact that he was pent up in the other realm for over almost a thousand years and the fact that being sent to the realm caused the demon to lose all memory. Being trapped for such a long period of time, made the demon go a bit…. insane. All he wanted to do was escape the realm and kill the god who imprisoned him. Even though all the demon knew about the god was his name, Absalon.

Now onto the girl’s origin. During the occupation of post World War 2 Japan, a group of American soldiers stumbled upon a small village in the mountains of Okinawa. While the soldiers were only there for a brief time, one of them raped the mother of the main girl, getting her pregnant. Disgusted that the woman had a half American/half Japanese baby, the other villagers punished her. The mother and her child were treated like black sheep. The mother made sure to keep her daughter safe though and became the girl’s sole friend and companion. Until a couple of the villagers kill the woman for some reason or another on the girl’s 20th birthday or so… Haven’t quite figured all that out yet. But the murder of her mother pretty much destroyed the girls entire world. So, à la Fullmetal Alchemist, the girl tries to bring her mother back from the dead through the use of demonic means. Instead of actually getting what she wanted, the girl ends up summoning the imprisoned demon from his realm of confinement. In the middle of the process, however, the other villagers find out what’s happening and attempt to stop the girl. As the summoning process was cut short, the demon could either go back to the other realm entirely or fuse the half of his soul that been summoned to the girl’s soul. And he chose the latter.

Once the demon forced himself into the girl’s mind and body, he quickly took full control of her. The demon then used his fresh human puppet to release his anger that had been building for 1000 years and killed every single person in the village. The murderous spree tired out the body of his human host though, causing the demon and therefore the girl to collapse in the middle of the blood soaked village. In the morning, the girl woke up, in control of her body but with no memory of killing the entire village. Once the demon woke up, he began to mentally fight the girl for control over her body. Neither side was able to take full control though, as the demon only had half a soul to fight with and the girl had an incredibly weak soul. With neither side gaining any sort of dominance, the demon decides to simply talk to the girl.

He tells her that he is a demon god who wants to do nothing more than hunt down, and kill the god that imprisoned him. He also tells her that the god he wants dead would pretty much be able to grant the girl anything she wanted. Since all the girl truly wants to do is bring her mother back from the dead, she agrees to help the demon hunt down Absalon. Due to the demon god residing within her soul, the girl gains a multitude of superhuman powers, chief among those being immortality. So between the time span of 20 some odd years after War World 2 and several years into the future, the duo had traveled all over the world searching for anything that could lead to Absalon.

Whew! So that’s the main character’s origin story. As you can see, I haven’t put much thought into it… But that’s just all the backstory of the main girl, who’s name I haven’t quite come up with. The actual bulk of the story takes place, as I said, several years into the future. I haven’t thought much about the next couple of steps in the story though. But this is a superhero story! So I’ve got a few things figured out. First, the people who know about the girl see her as a supervillain. While the girl usually tries to refrain from doing anything bad whatsoever, she’s too weak to stop the demon inside her head from doing what he wants. And he usually wants to kill and steal and do a bunch of other illegal things. Second, there is a government force filled with superhumans on the generally “good” side of the law. The force knows about the girl and all the trouble she’s caused, so they task a small team to head out to the city the girl is currently residing in and incapacitate her. And third, Absalon, who is still very much alive, becomes aware that the demon god had escaped his imprisonment years ago. Absalon also learns that the demon had been searching for him in order to kill him for the last 50 years or so. The god sees the demon as nothing more than a little annoyance and sends one of his loyal subjects who he had previously imbued with unholy powers.

So yeah, that’s all I really got on the story of the the extremely weak and timid girl with the maniacal demon taking spaaace in her head. Well, I have a bunch of ideas on other superheroes and villains and the like that will fill the world. But none of them really have a full, or fullish, backstory put together. They’re just a few good ideas that sorta kinda make a character. Well whatever, hopefully I’ll do something with this whole story idea someday. I hope…


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