Psychobabble #6: Golan the Wizard

Today I have some more brain dumping! Remember that short story about the young runaway girl I posted a while ago? Well as I said when I posted it, that short story will tie into full story called Golan the Wizard. And I thought I’d tell you all what exactly “Golan the Wizard” is about! So instead of this being just a story idea, this will be more of a story introduction. Kinda.


Psychobabble #6

The story of a wizard named Golan


This is a story about a wizard. Named Golan. Golan the Wizard! The story takes place in a world where magic is abundant though not everyone has access to this magical force. Most people have magic innately within their bodies, but not everyone can draw upon this power. Those who can use magic, however, are deemed as threats to society. Because of this fear, the federal government put several polices in play to control any and everything related to magic. There is even a branch of the government called the Division of Magic, The D.O.M. The federal government controls more than just the magic in the world. Most of the things in the world are controlled.

Other than magic, this world also contains a multitude of different sapient species. While most of the species generally get along, there’s a very clear social divide between them. Humans are the most populous and are considered “base” species. Standard, with little to make them stand out. Then come the Probions; similar to humans in appearance, but taller, slightly more muscular, and generally more… logical. Akin to Vulcans in Star Trek. Living by reason and logic with very little interference of emotions. Because of this, Probions are considered to be top members of society. There are other species living in the world, but I haven’t quite thought of names for all of them… One group of species are sort of undead looking humans. Thin, lanky, pale people with little hair and very emaciated looking bodies. Due to their looks and the bag stigma attached to them, they’re at the bottom of the class system. Another group are the physically strongest of all the species, but are the mentally weakest. While these people are large and hulking, they’re generally nice and passive. But their emotions are quick to flip, going cold to hot in an instant. While a few more species exist, I’ll go over all of them on  a later date… Let’s shift the focus to Golan himself.

When Golan, a human, was a young man, he was renown as the strongest user of magic alive and known as Golan the Wizard! And while he only ever used his powers for the best interest of the people, the federal government considered him a vigilante. Golan wanted nothing to do with the government though, and constantly avoided anyone working in the force. But because the government was always after him, Golan was always on the run. Throughout his travels, he had done many notable things that only added to his name. A young boy named Dmitri had heard of all the wondrous feats of Golan the Wizard and wanted to become his protege. When Dmitri first meet up with Golan, the wizard was hesitant to take the boy in. Despite the magical potential he saw in the boy, Golan wasn’t keen on having a traveling partner. But he eventually gave in and took Dmitri under his wing. Soon after Golan meet the boy, he met a gypsy woman named Lela that he quickly fell in love with. While Golan was able to balance out his infatuation with the woman and his training of the boy, his infatuation won out and he ended up marrying Lela.

Golan, Lela, and Dimitri became a traveling pair as Golan continued to broaden his name. Golan’s life then started to go down hill. I’m gonna go into specifies as to not spoil anything and because I haven’t figured everything out yet. But I will say that as Dimitri’s training continued, his demeanor slowly started souring. Dimitri wasn’t happy about all the time Golan was spending with Lela and he also didn’t like that Golan was withholding information about darker side of magic from him. Dimitri began to act out and ended up having himself forced away from Golan and Lela. The loss of an apprentice had hurt Golan and made him slightly less cautious. The the federal government eventually caught up with Golan and treated him as a criminal, locking him up in high intensity prison. Lela hadn’t been locked up as the government hadn’t deemed her as harmful. As Golan spent the next few years locked up, Lela had fought for him on the outside. Lela was able to get Golan released as long as they had complied to a few conditions. Lela and Golan had to settle down and Golan was forced to join the federal government’s Division of Magic. Golan agreed to the terms and became a representative for the “lawful” side of magic. While life as controlled worked didn’t bode well for Golan, he made it work. Everything was generally okay until, through some sort of mishap, Golan ended up losing Lela.

Then comes now, where the story itself actually takes place. Golan is now a single man in his late fifties who still works a representative for the Division of Magic. Everything in the world is changing; the divide between species is becoming larger, federal power is growing even larger, and the threat of war between all the major world powers is creeping up. All the while Golan is just trying to get by one day at a time. The loss of both his apprentice and his wife had hit the man hard. And still being stuck in a government job isn’t helping. All Golan wants to do is leave his job and retire in solitude. His mood turns around though once he’s given the change to. Golan’s boss, Rydan, offers the man one final job. Once Golan completes the job and comes back, he’s free to retire. The job that Rydan offers, is a rescue mission. There have been reports of a young girl, under the age of 15, being held captive by an shady underground group called The Dark Conducts. The girl in question is considered extremely dangerous as she might be one of the last necromancers living in the world. Golan’s mission is to go to the country of Amberlyn, infiltrate the base of The Dark Conducts, rescue the young girl, then bring her back Rydan so that she’ll be safe in the hands of the federal government. And so begins Golan’s journey! Or something like that… None of this is 100% set in stone, but this is what I’m working with at the moment. It all sounds pretty interesting though, huh, huh? Well hopefully you’ll read some of this thing soon. Real soon….


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