Psychobabble #7: Battleborn Beta, Baby!

Just some of my thoughts on the Battleborn beta that was released last week. All in all what I played of it was super fun. Really excited for the release of the game now. At first I was more excited for Overwatch, but now I can’t wait to get both games. Shooting things in the face is my favorite!


Psychobabble #7

The Best Benefits of Being a Badass in the Battleborn Beta


When Battleborn was first unveiled, I was super excited for it. It looked cool right off the bat, an FPS moba-like game filled with crazy characters. Everything about it appealed to me. But a similar kind of game was shown off around the same time, Overwatch. While I was excited for both games at first, one game kinda took more of my attention. That game being Overwatch and for the last month or two I had actually forgotten all about Battleborn… That was until I heard about the beta. And I heard about it like two days before it was set to come out… So when the beta did come out, I happily downloaded it and gave it a whirl.

Holy crap the game’s fun. Being a beta, I did run into a few problems. One problem that sent me airborne for like five minutes with no way to get back to solid ground. But other than those small things, I enjoyed everything else about the game. The characters were varied and unique, the gameplay was fun, fast, and crazy, and two available multiplayer game modes were super lively. While two story levels were available, I didn’t spend much time on those. The levels were entertaining, but after playing both levels I quickly put all of my time into the multiplayer. The multiplayer games where quicker to start and finish and allowed me to try out most of the characters.

All of the characters that have been unveiled so far were playable, but not accessible from the start. Ranking up in the the multiplayer allowed you to unlock all of the non-initial characters though. The guys you began with were varied enough to give you a feel of the different factions. From a fancy pants sniping robot to bear sized man with a gatling gun. My favorite characters from the starter selection were Orendi, Miko, Thorn, and Rath. I knew I’d like Orendi from the get go as I always go for the batshit crazy girls. I knew I’d like Thorn and Rath too cause I love me some sniping and slicing, but I didn’t think I’d like Miko as much as I do. I rarely go the the healer type class. I like being up in the action as apposed to helping out my teammates from the backlines. But with Miko, I could easily just use all his healing powers for myself! Cause fuck my teammates. They’re always bad! ALWAYS!! And even when I try to be a team player and use Miko’s heal beam, THE DUDE I”M HEALING JUST RUNS AWAY!! I’m trying to make you not die, stop running away!

The gameplay really complimented the characters too. Since everything was fast and chaotic, using a crazy and colorful cast made it all work better. And I liked that when selecting your character in multiplayer, once a character is selected no one else on your team can be that guy. But I didn’t like how, once you chose who you’d be playing as, you couldn’t go back and change. Not being able to change in game is fine, but being able to change in the planning period would have been great. Once in the match, though, everything usually felt good. But that kind of depended on the game mode…

Like I said, there were two game modes. Incursion and Meltdown. Meltdown was my favorite of the two modes because it felt more balanced. It was pretty easy to turn a game around and if both teams were playing at their best, it was always neck and neck. Incursion was a bit different though, as it was really easy to snowball the opposing team. Or be snowballed by the opposing team… If one side got a clear advantage, it was near impossible for the other team to bounce back. Some Incursion matches were neck and neck, but most weren’t. I don’t really know how Gearbox would be able to fix that problem though. I just sure hope they do. Cause that was pretty much my only major gripe with the game. I pretty much loved everything else about it. Even the glitch that sent me flying.


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