Psychobabble #8: My Favorite Pink Puff

Remember my first entry in this thing? It was about Pokemon, one of my favorite game series. Well this entry is about another one of my favorite game series! Kirby! You know Kirby, that super tuff pink puff! Well I love that squishy guy. And I’m about to tell you why!


Psychobabble #8

Kirby, Kirby, Kirby, it’s the name of the game!


Kirby is, without a doubt, my favorite video game series. I don’t know why, but I just love sucking and blowing as a pink putty ball. It all started with Nightmare in Dreamland. I don’t know when I got it exactly, I just remember playing it on my Game Boy Advance SP when I was seven or eight. I though inhaling enemies and using their powers against them was super cool. And doing all that as a cute pink puffball was even cooler! But that beginning burst of Kirby ended in year, as Pokemon Fire Red became my newest obsession. And due to some unforeseen circumstance (me completely losing the game), I had actually forgot about what I liked about Kirby.

That was until I played Kirby and the Amazing Mirror a while later. Oh man did I love that game… Just like Nightmare in Dreamland, I don’t remember how or when I got Amazing Mirror. I know it was a little bit after the original Nintendo DS came out, but that’s about it. What I do remember though, is loving Amazing Mirror right off the bat. All of the copy abilities, the four player Kirby action, the large interconnected metroidvania style world, and all the collectibles! I spent a lot of time playing that game. Not only is Amazing Mirror my favorite GBA game, but my top game of all time. And after all that time, when I saw Kirby and the Amazing Mirror on the 3DS eShop, I immediately downloaded it and played it again!

But back to the past. Following my trend of getting games late in their life, I had gotten a GameCube pretty much right when the Wii was first announced. While I had fun with my Cube right when I got it, I only really played a few games on it. Those games being Super Smash Bros Melee, Custom Robo, Crash Tag Team Racing, Rampage, and Kirby Air Ride. (I also played Twilight Princess on my GameCube but the game wasn’t mine and I never even finished it) Even though the games I had were few, the hours I put into Melee and Air Ride made it all completely worthwhile. I have so many fond memories of playing Air Ride weekend mornings with my little sister… Even though all we really did was fool around in the city mode, it was great fun.

By that time I had ditched my Game Boy and moved onto the DS, with Kirby Squeak Squad! Another Kirby game I played a butt ton off, even though I didn’t LOVE it as much as Amazing Mirror. But Squeak Squad propelled me further into Kirby regardless. Since Squeak Squad, I had bought every following Kirby game. Super Star Ultra, Epic Yarn, Mass Attack, Return to Dream Land, the Dream Collection (which allowed me to play all the main Kirby games I had missed), Triple Deluxe, and Kirby and the Rainbow Curse…. And I’ll soon be getting Planet Robobot!

Even though I’m a lot older than I was when I first played Kirby, that pink blob of suck will always mean a lot to me. While the skill level of Kirby is quite low, it’s all just simple and cute fun. And that’s what video games are supposed to be, fun. Kirby is my absolute favorite game series due to that fact. I had fun with every Kirby game I’ve played.And that aspect of fun makes Kirby my number one! Ranking first among Pokemon and Smash Bros and Tekken. And, uh… And Kingdom Hearts…







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