Psychobabble #10: Random Flash

So today’s Psychobabble will just be a random flash story. Cause once again I didn’t have anything planned… Also I recently finished Bloodborne, so expect my thoughts on the game soonish.


Psychobabble #10

A Special Meal


“So, uh…” Jamie tapped his fingers on the faded yellow laminate table. The surface felt slick, it must have been wiped off with something right before he came. “Hey, how long will this take?”

A click came from the kitchen. The stove top had just been turned on. “How long will this take to cook?”

Jamie pulled his phone out of his pocket. Something was bothering him. “Yeah, since I’ve been out all day I’m pretty tired and, uh… I’m grateful for the home cooking, but I’d really like hit the sack soon. Gotta be outta here in the morning.” The woman of the house had been exceptionally nice so far, overly nice. Something about her niceness just seemed off. Jamie felt the need to check the ad again.

“Oh this won’t take that long, sweetie. You’ve been out all day and a young man such as yourself needs something to refuel that energy. Once you eat this up you can lay your head down.”

The ad used “we” and “our” a lot… But this woman was all alone in the house. “Alright, if this won’t take too long… What are you making anyways?”

“Oh, something different… Don’t want to always rely on the same recipes.”

“Yeah…” was Jamie’s reply. He looked around the house, glancing at the tables and shelves. No pictures. Maybe the husband was just out. Jamie read through the ad on his phone once again. The woman was offering a bed, a hot shower, and a meal for any passing traveler. Nothing really out of the ordinary… Jamie closed his eyes, shaking his head. He was tired and most likely overthinking things. The sound of a large blade cutting through bone pulled Jamie’s attention. “Um, miss?”

“Just cutting it up,” she replied, slamming the heavy knife down once again.

“Oh, okay…” Jamie let out a sigh. “Hey, can I ask you a question?”

“Sure thing sweetie.”

“Uh… Do you have a husband or something?”

Another loud chop. “Why do you ask?”

“Well, cause, In the ad, you used we and us and stuff…”

“I see…” The chopping had stopped. The sound and smell of sizzling meat soon came from the kitchen. “I’d rather not get into it, but… let’s just say you and I will be the only people eating here tonight.”

The woman’s response only made Jamie feel uneasier. Whatever the woman was cooking smelt wonderful though. Jamie took a deep breath. “This smells pretty good… This isn’t from a recipe?”

A slight giggle came from the woman. “No, I doubt I could’ve found a recipe for this…”

Jamie began to feel antsy. After a second of thought, the young man stood up from the table, careful not to cause his chair to squeak. He then slowly approached the kitchen. He just had to check, just had to make sure. Once he got to the doorway, he froze. “M… Miss…?”

The woman quickly turned her head towards the man in her kitchen. “You should have stayed sitting…” She muttered, reaching for the butcher’s knife lying on the counter, next to the remains of a severed arm.


2 thoughts on “Psychobabble #10: Random Flash

  1. Cool setup. I like the nervous energy that hits right away and carries you through. That anxiety then traveled into me as the reader and grew my investment as the story progressed. I like how even though I had put two and two together about the cannibalism when there were still 3 or 4 paragraphs left and I began to worry the twist was a but premature, she reaches for the butchers knife and gives the ending one final jab. Well put together.


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