My Hoenn Journey: Entry #1

Hey look, a new series out of the blue! In this series, I’ll be writing journal entries about my journey through the Hoenn region in Pokemon Omega Ruby as if I’m experiencing the game firsthand. I chose May, the female protagonist of the game, and named her Psycho. Cause that’s me! This entry will start off from the beginning of the game and will end… when it ends. The next entry will pick up where this one left off and the next entry will do the same and so on and so forth. Until I finish the game. Why am I suddenly doing this, you may ask? Well while I had bought Omega Ruby a while ago, I got half way through the game then just dropped it… But with Pokemon Sun and Moon coming later this year, I’ve decided to restart the game and actually finish it this time. So enjoy this attempt at journalistic Pokemon fanfiction…


Diary Entry #1


Dear diary, today was an extra special day! I don’t even know where to begin! I guess I’ll just start from the beginning of the day, when mom and I first got to our new house. It’s in a small town called Littleroot. Everyone there is super friendly, including my next door neighbor. He’s a boy around my age named Wes. Apparently his father is a Pokemon Professor, his name is Professor Birch. When I first met Professor Birch, he was being attacked my a wild Poochyena! But he had a bag laying around with three Pokeballs so I grabbed the first one and used the Pokemon inside to fend off the Poochyena! The Pokemon inside was a super Treecko! I named her Bushwacker when the Professor gave her to me. He said we seemed to have a bond since we took down the Poochyena with no trouble whatsoever!

Oh, and after that Professor Birch told me to meet up with his won. Wes was in a field past Oldale town, the town just above Littleroot. Once I got to Wes, he challenged me to a Pokemon battle! My first battle against a trainer with my very first Pokemon! It was a very exciting battle, and I even won! Though I had a lot more trouble against Wes and his Torchic than that wild Poochyena. We then went back to Littleroot together and talked to the Professor. He said I reminded him on my father. In fact, mom said that too. She said I was going to be a great trainer just like dad before I left Littleroot. Oh yeah, I almost forgot! After my talk with Professor Birch, he gave me my very own Pokedex and some Pokeballs so I could go out and be a real trainer! I was so excited I almost left two without saying bye to mom. That’s when she said I remained her of dad. After that I actually went to go see dad.

He’s a super tough gym leader! His specialty is normal Pokemon, even though I think normal types are kinda boring… But I’d never tell dad that! Before I got to the town where dad’s gym is, I ran into Wes again. He gave me a cool upgrade on my PokeNav! Now I can search for Pokemon hiding in tall grass! After getting used to how it works, I tried to catch a Pokemon. I snuck up on a Seedot and got into battle. I wanted to catch it so I tried to get its health low, but Bushwacker tried a little too hard and hit the Seedot with a critical hit… The Pokemon fainted before I could even catch it! I told Bushwacker to try to go easy on Pokemon I wanna catch, so hopefully this won’t happen again. After that whole thing, I made it to Petalburg City, where dad was at. I found him standing outside of his gym, talking to a kid that challenged him I think. The kid said my dad was a really tough and I would have to agree. Once the kid left, I talked to dad inside the gym. He said he was proud of me for becoming a trainer, even though I hadn’t much yet.

Another kid then walked into the gym to ask my dad for some help. The kid was my age like Wes, but this kid seemed more shy and nervous. His name is Wally and he asked my dad for help catching a Pokemon. My dad let him use his own Zigzagoon and told me to go help him catch his own Pokemon. I helped Wally catch a little Ralts. Both of them kinda looked like each other, both kind of small and frail looking. Anyway, Wally then returned the Zigzagoon to my dad and thanked both of us for helping before leaving. Once we were alone, dad said I should travel Hoenn and challenge all the Pokemon Gyms to become an even stronger trainer! I want to be strong like dad, so I decided to do what he suggested. He said I should start in Rustboro City and face off against Roxanne, the gym leader of the city. So now I’m just waiting until the morning to go out and become a full-fledged Pokemon Trainer for real! I just can’t wait! I just hope I can become super powerful, maybe even become a Pokemon Master… Oh I’m getting too excited now! I should stop writing and go to bed now… Well goodnight then!


— Psycho, Beginner Trainer



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