My Hoenn Journey: Entry #2

Hey there fellow believers! Guess what? I’m not dead! Yet… You might have noticed that I haven’t posted anything for like a month… Well let’s just say June wasn’t the best for me. Even though it was my birthday month. (I’m 20 baby! Big whoop…) But all the BS of the last month is in the past! I’m pushing it all aside and I’ll try yet again to be constant with my upload schedule. The schedule now being, “I’ll post more bloggy type things every Monday and an actual story or chapter every other Friday!” Don’t hold me to that though… *cough, cough* Well here’s the second installation to “My Hoenn Journey”. I know the last (and first) entry was over a month ago, but I hadn’t played any of Omega Ruby for the whole time in between… So just take this now and be happy with it!

Oh, and P.S.  While the rival’s name in game is Brendan, a friend of mine is playing Alpha Sapphire and wanted me to put his character in my story in place of Brendan. So that’s who “Wes” is.


Diary Entry #2


Dear diary, today was the official start of my Pokémon adventure! I wanted to rush off to Rustboro City and face the gym as soon as I woke up, but my dad said I should talk to the other people in Petalburg city first. Since the city is so small, I was able to talk to everyone, including Wally’s parents. They thanked me for helping Wally catch his first Pokémon and then told me where he was headed. Apparently Wally is sickly and the air in Petalburg city isn’t good for him so he’s going to Verdanturf Town, where the air is cleaner, to live with his aunt and uncle. I hope he makes it to the other town safely. I know the Ralts he caught will be able to protect him though. Oh, that reminds me! Wally’s Ralts was so cute and I just had to catch one of my own. After a while of searching, I was able to find and catch a level 3 Ralts! Even though she’s young and small, she’s precious to me, so I named her Princess.

With Princess at the head of my party, I headed up Route 104 towards Rustboro City. I was able to get Princess a bunch of experience, getting her to level 6 before entering the woods between Route 104. Whenever Princess was in a pinch, I sent in Bushwacker to save the day! They were a great tag team and worked just as great together in the woods too. But just before I left the woods, I ran into trouble! I was talking to a scientist when a suspicious looking person in a red uniform walked up to us! The red guy demanded that the scientist hand over some papers, but scientist refused! Well not so much refused… He more so hid behind me in fear and asked me to take care of the guy harassing him… What kind of adult does that? I had to prove that I was braver than the scientist so I took on the suspicious person myself! The guy, who said he was part of Team Magma, wasn’t even that tough. Princess and Bushwacker took care of him and his Pokémon, no problem! Before the Team Magma grunt ran off with his tail between his legs like a Poochyena, he said he was after something in Rustboro City. The scaredy-Skitty scientist restored my Pokémon to full health as a thank you, even though I didn’t need it. I was able to make it out of the woods safely after that.

Before I went to Rustboro City, I stopped by a flower shop to take a look around. The women inside told me about berries and how to take care of them and I even got a Wailmer pail so I could grow berries of my own! I immediately planted some Oran berries in the soft ground outside of the flower shop. After I watered them, I walked up the rest of Route 104, battling other trainers along the way. Once I got to Rustboro, I was amazed! I had never been to a city so big before! Right when I got into the city, I saw Wes walking out of the Pokémart. He commented on how big the city was as well. I guess we were both used to small cities and towns. Wes then said that he wanted to catch some more Pokémon before attempting the Rustboro gym, but I was confident with my current Pokémon so I challenged the gym right away! Well, right after I said bye to Wes and went to the Pokémon Center that is… Then I went straight to the gym! There was a friendly, kind of chubby man near the front of the gym that gave me some advice. He said that the Gym Leader, Roxanne, was a scholar who specializes in Rock-type Pokémon.

Because my Princess was still a bit weak, I had her take on the youngster trainers in the gym and saved Bushwacker for Roxanne herself. The trainers were as tough as Magikarp, so Princess was easily able to take them on! Roxanne was a different story though. I wanted Princess to get some more experience so I sent her in first but Roxanne’s first Pokémon, a Geodude, was stronger than I thought! Princess was able to take it out, but her health was super low by the end of the fight. When Roxanne sent in her Nosepass, I knew I had to switch out. Bushwacker handled that Nosepass like a pro! She took out the rock type with a single, super effective Mega Drain! Both Princess and Bushwacker did a great job and got loads of experience. Princess got to level 11 while Bushwacker got to level 14! Roxanne congratulated me on defeating her and gave me the Stone Badge along with a TM for the move Rock Tomb. I was soooo excited to face the gym and win in a Pokémon battle with an official Gym Leader! I’m still excited even I write this! To think that I did all of this in a single day!! I don’t really have a plan for tomorrow, so I’ll just explore the town and talk to the residents. But right now it’s getting late and I should really go to sleep. I’m at the Pokémon Center by the way, since they all have free rooms for traveling. I’m a bit scared though, cause this is the first time I’ll be going to sleep all alone. I’ve always gone to sleep at home where I had my parents around. Even though I stayed at the gym in Petalburg last night, my dad was around so I felt safe.

Wait, what am I talking about? I’m not all alone! I’ll let Bushwacker and Princess out of their Pokéballs and have them sleep with me! I trusted them to be able to take on the gym and I trust them to keep me safe. Even though I got Bushwacker yesterday and caught Princess just today, I know we all share a strong bond. I just hope I’m a stronger enough trainer to keep them safe… If they’re willing to protect me, I’m willing to protect them! No matter what! So I just let them out and apparently they’re hungry… Now that I mention it, I’m hungry too… I guess it’s time to stop writing and get some food! Then I’ll sleep just like a Snorlax!


— Psycho, Holder of the Stone Badge


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