My Hoenn Journey: Entry #3

Woooo! Well this is kinda late, but I don’t care! Just take it and be happy. My Thoughts on DOOM will be in two weeks or so. Cause I just finished it. And, uh…. After that’s posted I’ll get back to DLO. Nothing much else. Peace!


Diary Entry #3


Dear diary, today was even more eventful than yesterday! I saved the same scientist from yesterday, explored a dark cave all by myself, went to a whole new town, and even fought another gym! I’ll start from the very beginning so I don’t miss anything! Okay, so… The first thing I did was just go around Rustboro City and talk to everyone. Since Rustboro was so large, I was afraid I would get lost but I was able to find my way around without much trouble. One of the buildings in town was a Trainer School, a place where young trainers can go a learn everything there is to know about Pokémon! I never really went to school when I was younger, so even though I didn’t really learn anything new, I had fun reviewing everything in a classroom. Ooh, another place I went to was the Cutter’s house. The Cutter told me that when he was younger and Rustboro was about to become the big city it is today, he and his Pokémon cut down all the trees in the way so the city could be built! I thought that was amazing and apparently the Cutter could feel my excitement and he gave me the HM Cut! So now if there’s a tree in the way, I can just cut it down the help of my Pokémon! After that, when I was still exploring town, I say the scientist that I had saved yesterday. And yet again, he was in trouble.

He said that another member of that Team Magma group had approached him and stole very important mechanical parts! The scientist told me that the parts belonged to the Devon Corporation, a big company that makes a lot of useful Pokémon training products. Or at least I think that’s what he said… I didn’t really pay attention because I knew I had to help him out either way. That scientist was clearly too weak to do anything about it himself. So I took off down Route 116 to retrieve the Devon parts from the evil goon. Even though I was rushing to stop the bad guy, people kept stopping me to fight! Luckily Princess was trying her very best and took down everyone in my way without a sweat! Right before I got to the end of the route, I ran into some construction workers. They told me that the Magma guy ran into the nearby cave. And an old man near the cave told me that the bad guy had also Pokénapped Peeko, his own Wingull! While I was afraid to enter the dark cave all alone, I knew that I had to stop that thug. And I knew that my own Pokémon were right by my side! So I rushed into the cave and confronted the bad guy! He had run into the cave hoping to find an exit, but thankfully the construction workers hadn’t finished digging and there were rocks in his way. With no other option, he challenged me to a Pokémon battle! But Princess was more than ready to go and took down the Magma grunt’s Poochyena with a super effective Fairy move!

The grunt then ran away after I beat him, but not before I took the Devon parts back and saved the old man’s Wingull. The old man was so happy to have his Peeko back that he said he’d do any favor for me. I didn’t need anything at the moment though and I would have saved Peeko anyways so I just thanked him before going on my way. I met back up with the scientist in front of the Devon Corporation’s building. He wanted me to come inside and meet the president of the company so he could thank me for everything. I followed the scientist all the way up to the top floor, where the president’s office was. The President himself was a nice man named Mr. Stone. He thanked me for helping the scientist. Twice… Mr. Stone said that I was a reliable trainer and he asked me to do one more thing for him. He wanted me to deliver a letter to his son in Dewford Town. Since I had nothing else to do, I agreed to deliver the letter. Dewford was across the sea though, so Mr. Stone told me to ask Mr. Briney, old man that lives on Route 104, to take me across. And guess what? Mr. Briney was the same old man that I had just helped! He sure was glad to see me and I was glad to see him with Peeko. Because I had helped Mr. Briney out earlier, he took me across the sea without any hesitation.

Once we hit Dewford, I hopped off Mr. Briney’s boat, thanked him, and then went looking for Steven. I couldn’t actually find him at first though. I ran all around the town and even went into a nearby cave to look for him, but I couldn’t actually get all the way into the cave. There were some people blocking an opening to get deeper into the cave. I tried to get in past them, but they kept pushing me away! Since I couldn’t get them to let me in, I decided to wait until they left. I went back into the main part of town and decided to challenge the nearby Pokémon Gym. It was a fighting type gym filled with exercise equipment. Because everyone inside only had fighting type Pokémon, Princess pretty much did all the work. All the way until I got to Brawly, the leader of the gym. Princess was easily able to take out his Machamp, but Brawly’s Makuhita wasn’t as easy. When Princess first attacked, she didn’t do enough to make it faint. Makuhita then hit me back with a super strong Knock Off and because my Princess was holding a berry, the attack did even more damage! Princess went down to 2 HP! But I knew she’d be able to take down the Makuhita with another attack so I kept her in and told her to use confusion! The Makuhita went down immediately and I beat Brawly, getting my second gym badge! Brawly not only gave me that, but a TM for the move Bulk Up. And he told me where Steven was, in the same cave that I couldn’t get all the way into before…

When I went back there though, the people blocking the way had left. In the back of the cave room, there was a man looking at a giant mural on the wall. He looked lost in thought and I didn’t wanna disturb him so I walked up to him slowly. He was talking out loud about some super ancient Pokémon with great strength or something like that. I think I actually did disturb him though but didn’t seem mad or startled or anything. I told him my name and he told me he was Steven! I quickly pulled out the letter and gave it to him, saying that it was from his dad. He thanked me and gave me a TM for whatever trouble I had tracking him down. I didn’t actually have any trouble though; I mean other than those people who wouldn’t let me get past them that is! But anyways! Steven also told me that I seemed to have the potential to become a Pokémon League Champion, but as long as I keep training! I don’t know what he saw in me, I was thankful nonetheless. To think that I could become a Pokémon Champion! But Steven was right when he said I have to keep training. I can’t become a champion with just two badges and two Pokémon. But that’s all for later on. Tonight, I’m just gonna focus on going to sleep. And tomorrow I have to go tell Mr. Stone I gave the letter to his son… Nope! Stop writing and focus on sleep! But I’m just so excited… I mean I just left my home two days ago! And I’m already traveling all over Hoenn! But sleep now! Sleep, sleep, sleep….


— Psycho, Potential Pokémon League Champion


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