My Hoenn Journey: Entry #4

Yeah, number 4! I should really get a third mon… Oh well. Also I’m delaying My Thoughts on DOOM. I edited and reworded a bunch of things, so I ain’t gonna be done by Frizzyfryday. Hopefully I’ll post something else to keep up with my new posting schedule, causing failing to follow through this early? HAH. I ain’t about to do that. Again…


Diary Entry #4


Dear diary, guess what?! Bushwacker evolved! She’s now a super cool, better than ever Grovyle! She evolved in a beach house cafe on Route 109, just south of Slateport city. This morning, I went to see Mr. Briney at the dock in Dewford Town. It was my plan to go back to Rustboro and tell Mr. Stone I delivered his letter to Steven. Mr. Briney, however, told me that Mr. Stone had another task for me. He wanted me to give the Devon parts I had recovered earlier to man named Captain Stern in Slateport’s shipyard. Since I didn’t mind helping out Mr. Stone again, I gladly went to Slateport City. Mr. Briney took me in boat and got to Route 109 super quick!

And since the route was on a beach, I had some fun in the sun! Well mostly Pokémon battles in the sun… But it was still fun! Especially since Bushwacker evolved! But she took a bit of a beating before she leveled up. Inside the café on the beach, there were a bunch of angry customers waiting for their orders. And in order to pass the time, each customer challenged me to a Pokémon battle! The first couple of battles weren’t that difficult, with Bushwacker and Princess both supporting me. But Princess got super weak and it was up to Bushwacker to fight the last couple of battles! Bushwacker started getting low on health as well though, and I was worried she wouldn’t pull though. But thankfully, when she was in a really tough spot, she evolved on the spot! With her new form and strength, Bushwacker defeated every last Pokémon in the beach house! I was so proud of her that I couldn’t help but hug her tightly! Bushwacker tired to act cool, but I could tell she was as excited as I was.

After hanging out on the beach with my newly evolved Bushwacker and Princess for a little bit, I went up to Slateport City. And the city is huuuge! Even bigger than Rustboro! Even though I was supposed to deliver the parts, I couldn’t help but explore the city first. Right when I entered the city, I noticed a bustling market and decided to look around. There was a bunch of people selling a bunch of different things! I wanted to buy so much for me and my Pokémon, but I didn’t have that much money so I mostly just looked around. I did end up buying a TM though, for the move Hone Claws. Bushwacker and Princess couldn’t learn the move, but I thought it would be useful for when I get another Pokémon. I then left the market and went to the Pokémon Fan Club. There were a lot of people there too, and even Pokémon just roaming around. And in the middle of the room, there was a chairman who examined my Pokémon. He said I needed to put more effort into training them… I know he’s right, but what he said kinda made me upset. Cause my Pokémon 100% great!

When I left the Fan Club, I finally went to the Captain Stern’s shipyard. There was a man drawing up designs of a ferry behind a desk and I went to talk to him. I was going to give him the parts, but he actually wasn’t Captain Stern. He told me that Stern was probably in the Oceanic Museum and to give him the parts there, so I went to the museum. When I got there, I had to pay a small fee to look around. And when I looked around, I only found a bunch of Team Magma guys all over the place! I didn’t know what they were up to but I didn’t trust them one bit. I even ran into the guy I recovered the Devon parts from. I didn’t want him to try to take the parts again, so I ran upstairs and I ended up finding Captain Stern! I immediately when to him to give him the parts, but two Magma grunts were right behind me! And they tired to take the parts away from me! I wouldn’t let them take anything from me that easily and we got into a Pokémon battle. I couldn’t let Bushwacker fight though cause the grunt’s first Pokémon was a Numel, a fire type! Princess had to take care of it all herself and she was actually able to! But then the second guy attacked. I had to use Princess again to fight the second guy’s Zubat and Numel! Princess defeated Zubat, but she took some major damage and I had to switch out to Bushwacker who barely managed to take out the Numel. But then one more guy came! And he was different than the two grunts…

I was afraid he was gonna attack me and since my Pokémon weren’t in great health, I didn’t think I’d be able to make it through! But the guy only talked me, telling me that he was the head of Team Magma. He also told me the plan of Team Magma, to increase the world’s landmass! He said that it would great for mankind but it sounded super crazy. I mean the land is great, but we can’t just create more of it! And we need the ocean as well! The leader of Team Magma then warned me to not interfere with their plans again! I was a bit scared, but I put on a strong face until he and his grunts left. Thankfully Captain Stern was right behind me the whole time. He thanked me for helping him out and I gave him the Devon parts. I just hope I won’t run into Team Magma anymore… Since I gave away the parts they wanted so bad, I should have to deal with them anymore…

After all of that, I really needed to calm down somehow… I walked around the rest of Slateport and found a large crowd of people gathered around someone. I made my way into the crowd to see what was going on. Right in the middle there was a very pretty young girl standing in front of a camera. She was wearing a super cute outfit and an even cuter Altaria right beside her! Her name is Lisia and she’s apparently a Pokémon Contest superstar. I’ve never heard of her before, but she seemed to have a huge fanbase since there was a bunch of people around her. She was talking about contest scouting, looking for someone who had the potential of being the next big contest star. I didn’t really know what she was talking about, but since she was so energetic I decided to stay. And I’m so glad that I did because she chose ME as the next big star! Before I knew it, she grabbed my hand and pulled me in front of the camera. It was so all of a sudden that I just stood in front of the camera like a Deerling caught in the headlights! I was really embarrassed, but Lisia was getting most of the attention…

Lisia ended the scouting by giving me my own pass to enter contests and a kit to make special Pokéblocks for my Pokémon to help make them even better. Since the whole thing happened in front of a Contest Hall, I decided to enter a contest right away to see what it was about. Lisia was inside the hall and was super happy to see me enter. She immediately took me aside and into a nearby dressing room. Before I knew it, she gave me pretty pink dress that and made me change into it… Right in front of her!! Thankfully she just kept rambling about how excited she was and didn’t really pay attention to me… When I got the dress on, Lisia said I looked really good and I thought looked amazingly cute myself! Almost as cute as Lisia herself… Anyways! She then took me over to the counter and helped me enter my first contest.

I was on a huge stage in front of like a million people! And there were a lot of cameras around, so even more people saw me from their TVs! I had decided to enter a contest all about Coolness cause of how cool Bushwacker was now. And when I took her out on the stage, I could tell she was just as nervous as I was. But once again, Bushwacker tired to act like it didn’t bother her. She was acting super cool so I knew she’d do great in the contest. And guess what!? Bushwacker and I did better than great! Bushwacker had super cool moves that completely wowed the audience and we totally won! Even though I was embarrassed to be up on that huge stage in such a showy dress, I couldn’t help but jump up and down with Bushwacker when we won! Once the show ended, Lisia found me and pulled me back into the dressing room. She had watched the whole thing and was more than proud of me. She just kept on talking about how proud she was… Lisia sure is energetic, that’s for sure. She’s the perfect person to be a contest superstar. I hope I get to see her in action sometime… I bet it’ll be the most amazing thing I’ll ever see!

Oh, seeing Bushwacker evolve into a Sceptile will be even more amazing than that… (She made me write that!!)


                                                                                                          — Psycho, Pokémon Contest Novice                                                                                                                       And trainer of a super cool Grovyle….


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