Hello all! Here’s piece of flash crap I had to write for a class assignment a few years ago. Well I guess it’s not “crap” but I hate reading my old stuff cause It’s all crap to me! I mean I like this piece, it’s nice and sweet but also so contrived and man I hate writing in present tense. Also, the picture above is a piece of crap I drew a few years ago! When I first got my hands on Adobe Illustrator. I mean it looks nice, if not very simple and oh god those lines are terrible…. And that half-assed shading! Dreadful.



Margret rubs her hands together. She brings them up to her mouth, breathing hot breath into her palms. She rubs her hands together again, this time bringing her hands up to her pale face. White flakes rain from the sky, attaching to Margret’s amber hair. The girl stands on a hill overlooking a field of packed snow. She coughs. Jennifer is at the foot of the hill, lying on her back, her raven hair disheveled and her tan cheeks flushed red. Laughter continues to escape her lungs. A circular plastic sled is flipped over beside her. Jennifer wipes away the flakes sticking to her face. Margret waves to her friend. The girl at the bottom waves back, then motions for the pale girl to come. Margret sighs, beginning her decent down the hill, stepping carefully to avoid tumbling.

When Margret makes it down the hill, Jennifer outstretches her arm. The redhead clears her throat before grabbing Jennifer’s hand in an attempt to help her up. With a forceful tug, Margret is pulled down, falling atop her black-haired friend. With a giggle, Jennifer tightly wraps her arms around Margret’s back. While startled at first, Margret lets out another sigh, resting her head on Jennifer’s shoulder. The snow continues to fall, blanketing the girls in a thin powder. After a while, Margret pushes up off of Jennifer, engulfed in a coughing fit. The pale girl then stands, shaking the snow off her body. Jennifer stands up as well, looking into Margret’s eyes, smiling.

Margret smiles back then motions towards the direction of her home, wanting to escape the frigid air. Margret brings to walk, but feels a pull at her coat sleeve. She turns to face her friend, and is assaulted by Jennifer’s cold lips pressed against hers. Margret pauses for a moment, caught up in shock. Before anything continues, she pushes the black-haired girl away, causing Jennifer to stumble backwards. Margret strikes Jennifer with a wide-eyed stare. She backs up while shaking her head. “I’m… I’m sorry…” she mumbles.

Margret quickly turns, snow crunching under her feet as she runs off, leaving Jennifer alone in the field. “No…” the redhead mumbles again. “I didn’t want this to happen… Not now…” Margret suddenly stops, her lungs ablaze. She coughs into her arm, ending in a sharp hack that sprays specs of blood from her mouth. The pale girl gazes at red spots spread over coat sleeve. “Not with this….” Margret jumps, feeling a hand on her shoulder.

Jennifer twirls her amber friend around, noticing the blood on the sleeve. The tan girl caresses the pale girl’s face. “I know this isn’t the right time… But I don’t care. I love you now. And I’ll love you for as long as I can.”

Margret tries to talk, but is cut off with another cold kiss upon her lips. This time, she doesn’t push, instead merely letting arms dangle by her side. Snow continues to fall.



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