Someone to Tell

Hey again! I wanted to post this earlier, when it was still actually Monday…. But I took too long! Hey, at least I’m posting something. So, here’s some backstory. Three years ago, I started to write a story about teenagers and high school life and all that fun stuff. Got 11 or so chapters in before I got depressed…. for the second time! So I just let the story collect dust within my files yet never left it in my mind. Over the years, all the characters continued to develop and certain moments and events kept on popping up all in my head. Soooo… I’ve decided to just write about all those scenes and characters that have just been crowding my brain. Through flash stories and/or short stories, I’ll be trying my hardest to get all the stuff I’ve amassed in my head out on paper. The following piece isn’t that start of this story, merely a moment in the middle of a Teenage High.

P.S. The name of the whole story is Teenage High. I came up with the title years ago, and I have to say, I really like it.


Someone to Tell


Marcia squeezed the cup between her hands as she let out a breath of air, steady and prolonged. She didn’t know how to begin, where to start, what to even say. She had the courage not too long ago, where the hell had it gone now? All she had to do was spit it out. Say her piece and be done with it! Easy as that. It’s not like he would act any differently… He probably already knew the truth. And even if he didn’t know, he’d still understand.

“Why am I always the one buying shit?” Daemon asked, taking a quick sip of his steaming coffee.

“I, uh…” Marcia mumbled.

“And why are we sitting outside?” Daemon leaned forward, a creak emitting from the metal chair beneath him, and tightened up his body, using the hot paper cup to warm himself. “It’s like the middle of fall! We should be inside.”

“I know, I just… I…” A long sigh was Daemon’s response. “Shut up!” Marcia barked, raising her voice more than she had wanted to. “And don’t ask me if I’m okay!” She barked again, before Daemon had even opened his mouth.

“Geez…” he grumbled, downing another swing of coffee. “So you have something to tell to me, right?” Daemon waited for a response he didn’t get. “Come on, you always drag me out to go do something or another, but you’re always at least somewhat enthusiastic about it. And it’s rare when you don’t bring Sophia along. Something has to be up.”

“Will you…!” Marcia began, a lump suddenly rising to her throat and cutting her off. She inhaled deeply in an effort to calm her nerves. A minute of silence passed, wind brushed by the table, both kids took a drink. Marcia had trouble thinking of the right words to say. She had to start somewhere, with something.

The issue wasn’t Daemon, the issue was with herself. Marcia knew she could trust Daemon for some inexplicable reason. His hair was long and messy, his eyes were dark and tired, and the smirk he always seemed to have… All of seemed to put Marcia at ease.

“Do you… know why I’m so close to you?”

“Cause you’re clingy,” Daemon said in a deadpan.

“Shut up!” Marcia yelled, the corners of her mouth perking up ever so slightly. “It’s cause you’re so… You’re just such an asshole. But like… a good asshole, you know?”

“I… Really don’t… Unless you’re complimenting my asshole?”

A giggle escaped the girl despite her efforts to contain it. “Can you be serious for once! Look… You know what I’ve been through, yet… you’re still an asshole towards me. You make fun of me, calling me short and spazzy and… stuff. And whenever I drag you along with me, you always complain. And when you can clearly tell I’m trying to be serious, you’re a sarcastic dick like always! Even though we’re cousins, you just treat me like you treat every one else… You never change how you act…”

“Thanks, but… Is this what you had to say? Cause we really didn’t need to walk all the way over here and sit out in the cold just for…”

“I like Sophia…”

“You to tell…” Daemon ran his tongue over his chapped lips, gently chewing on the corner of his mouth. “Yeah, I like her too…?”

Saying that was overwhelming to the girl but it wasn’t nearly enough. For once, her mouth was caught and the words were entangled in her throat. Another minute was lost to silence. Marcia raised her cup to her mouth, gulping down a large amount of the still piping coffee.

“God, just…” Daemon sighed, not wanting to deter Marcia. “Just say what you need to… Okay?”

“I’m…” Marcia grabbed her necklace, rubbing her fingers around the smooth, black, teardrop shaped stone. “I mean I…” The girl tightened her grip around stone, yanking the chain lightly and letting out an angry groan “I just like her! I’ve always liked her! Other than you, she’s been my only friend since 6th grade and… I don’t know, but… I know you know, so, just say it!”

“You want me to…? Uh, well… Yeah, Sophia’s pretty hot, huh? I mean, she’s tall, dark, and busty, not really my type, but I can see the appeal. Though she does have blue eyes, which I’m totally into. Also she’s like, half Italian and… You know what that means!”

Marcia giggled, wiping away the tears collecting in her eyes. “Not your type, huh? What’s wrong, don’t like them European girls? Haha…”

“Pfft!! Nothing against European girls, but that blonde chicks are far superior.”

“Blondes are all… doofy! Bubbly idiots! I’m so not into that.”

“You’re a bubbly idiot,” Daemon muttered, “Are you a blonde deep down then?”

“It’s just…! I wouldn’t wanna be with someone like me then! I want someone who’s… different than me.”

“Oh, I get it! You like Sophia cause, as opposed to you, she’s tall and actually has tits? Is that what you’re saying?”

“Hey, that’s not what I meant!”

“Then tell me exactly what you mean,” He said in his usual, laid back demeanor.

Daemon had always been good at reading people, and Marcia was no exception, he already knew what she meant exactly. And now, Marcia was reading Daemon himself. She could tell what he was truly getting at, the real intention behind his words. “Okay, okay…” She mumbled, breathing in the cool autumn air through her nose. “I’m into girls, alright? I’m gay, or… whatever…”

“Yaaaay, there we go!” Daemon cheered with the upmost feigned enthusiasm.

“You’re such an asshole!” Marcia replied, a bright smile adorning her face. “You really can’t ever be serious… I have no idea why I trust you. But… I’m glad I do. Thank you…”

“No problem Marcy, I’m also glad that you told me something I already knew outside in the cold.”

Marcia’s response was an upbeat laugh followed by a swift kick to Daemon’s shin.


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