Too Close

Yooo, first post of the new year! And I’m still on time for it to count as a Monday post! Things are looking up, baby! Anywho, here’s my second post of the Teenage High thing. Most of the posts in this series will be out of order, but this one happens right after the last Teenage High post. So read that one first… Here’s a link for the lazy. Enjoy!


Too Close


Light music leaked through the door, it was jazzy and upbeat and ever so irritating. Sophia sighed through grit teeth; her clenched had resting on the doorframe of her sister’s room. There was something on her mind that she just had to get out and she knew her sister was the best, if not only, person she could talk to. And all Sophia had to do to start up the conversation was knock on her door. If only she was fully prepared for the conversation. She had to talk about what happened, what it meant, how she’d respond… But… But she was too afraid to even bring it up. And with her own sister…

“H-hey, Fiona…” Sophia mumbled, lightly tapping her fingers to the door. As expected, her sister didn’t hear. Sophia groaned under her breath, “Why am I so…” There was a sigh followed by another groan. With a deep inhale; Sophia struck the door with a single, solid knock. “Hey Fiona…!”

“Huh? Sophie…?”


“You uh…” The music stopped. “You can come in, door’s unlocked.”

Sophia closed her eyes, trying her hardest to clear her before saying, “Okay…” and walking into her sister’s room. The older girl was at her desk in the corner of the room, staring intently at her laptop, going over what looked like an essay. She was only skimming over what was already written yet seemed to be very focused.

“Uh, are you busy…?”

“Nah,” Fiona replied, her gaze still glued to her computer. “I’m just going over my paper. I finished it earlier last week, but I’m just making sure it’s 100% before I hand it in Friday…”

“Ah… Is that uh, for class?” Sophia remained standing in the doorway, her arm nervously wrapped around her body.

Fiona shook her head a bit, “Not really… This is for my supervisor at the clinic, though I guess it is for a grade. I’m a graduate student, you know? So this isn’t really for class, but…”

“Yeah, I get it… good thing you’re done with it already, I guess…”

“Hmmm…” Fiona turned her head, glancing at her sister from the corner of her eye. She was still standing at the door, slouched some, her eyes fidgeting around the room. “Something’s wrong, huh? How about you sit on my bed and uh… Gimme a second, let me finish what I’m doing real quick then I’ll give you my full attention.”

Sophia nodded, closing the bedroom door before sitting on her sister’s bed, scooching back against the wall. Fiona had moved out a year and a half ago, right when Sophia had started high school. When she left, she took all her things with her, including her bed sheets. So over her short stay for the holidays, Fiona had to use her old sheets. Sophia giggled some; it was funny for her older sister to be sleeping in a bed covered in little pink hearts and unicorns.

“Alright, so what’s up?” Fiona asked, finally swiveling her chair away from her computer.

“Well… I wanna talk to you about… something…” Sophia balled her hands up in her lap, looking anxiously at her sister before moving her gaze down.

Rubbing her eyes beneath her glasses, Fiona replied with an “Oh boy…” There was a pause. “Talk to me like a sister or like a counselor?”

“A little bit… of both.”

“Oh? You usually never wanna talk like sister,” Fiona said with a bit of a chuckle. “Well that’s fine, I’ll be treating this like one of my sessions anyways. I need all the experience I can get before I earn my license.”


“I know you don’t much care for physical closeness, so do you want me to sit next to you our stay in my chair?”

Sophia replied with a nervous laugh. “Well the issue is actually with… something physical, so…”

Fiona nodded, “Okay I’ll stay here.” The older girl held her hands together in her lap and crossed her legs. “So, what’s the issue?”

“Well, uh, something happened…” Sophia brought her knees to her chest, wrapping her arms around her legs. “On New Year’s…”

“Oh, New Year’s, when you spent time with your friend Marcia instead of with your own family?” Fiona quipped, her snarky smile turning sour as she noticed her sister’s pained expression. “Oh geez…” she mumbled, “is this about Marcia…?”

Sophia looked up, giving her older sister the smallest of nods, thinking of how to explain what happened. As her mind swarmed, her gaze when over the other girl. Fiona definitely took more from the Irish side of the family. Her skin very pale compared to Sophia’s olive complexion. And her hair was frizzy and reddish, nothing like Sophia’s brown and slightly wavy hair. The only things the sisters shared were their blue eyes and ample figures.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

“It’s just don’t know what you’ll say… I don’t even know what to say…”

“You can say whatever you want, just like an actual counseling session, whatever you tell me will be strictly between us.”


“Do you need a moment, or…?”

“She kissed me…”

Fiona took a breath, waiting to see if Sophia had anything else to say. Another second of silence passed. “Marcia kissed you on New Year’s…?”

Sophia muttered a yes.

“Okay, and what did…”

“And she told me how she feels… about me…”

“Oh… And what did she tell you, exactly?”

“She said… she’s… in love with me…”

“Alright… and how do you feel about her?”

“I… I don’t…”

Fiona bit her lip some, wondering how to approach the situation. She wanted to give her younger sister a hug, show her affection. But she knew Sophia wouldn’t respond well. A hug would make her extremely uncomfortable, let alone a kiss… “You don’t… what? Don’t wanna say, or…”

“I don’t know… how I feel at all…” Sophia clenched her eyes shut, pushing down unknown feelings that were slowly rising to the surface. “She’s just a friend…”


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