Desolate Lands Online: Chapter 8

Since I don’t feel like writing a Psychobabble today, I’ll give you Chapter 8 of DLO instead. Happy times! Also, you might be wondering what’s up with the Character Profiles…. I’m wondering about that too…. I just haven’t been into my art recently. But eh, I’ll get back to it. I promise! I’ll finish up the characters designs in time.

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Desolate Lands Online: Chapter 7

Chapter 7! With two new characters! Who I still have to finish drawing… But at least I’m finally getting this chapter out. Oh, and ignore the lack of a Psychobabble this Monday… To the few of you who care. Well go on then, read the chapter. I said go on then!

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Desolate Lands Online: Chapter 6

Yo, yo, chapter 6 in the hizzouse! Another chapter that’s way too long…. It’s seriously not my intention to write chapters this long. But, oh well… Next chapter shouldn’t be as long. Though it’ll possibly have two new players! Which means I gots to draw two new characters. What fun. Oh, and new design for my blog itself. Why? Cause why not. I like how this theme looks a bit more than the last theme looked.Read More »