Desolate Lands Online: Chapter 1

HAH! Thought I’d never actually post a chapter, huh? Well I didn’t think so either! But I fricking wrote the fricking thing. This chapter is just to introduce the protagonist, so it’s kinda short. Though I don’t know if future chapters will be of similar length. So uh… just read this for now. Or whatever. If you see an error or need an explanation for something, just comment a thing.

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Desolate Lands Online: Introduction


Desolate Lands Online (DLO) is a fictional virtual reality massively multiplayer online role-playing game (Or VRMMORPG for short, which is still a mouthful…) created by Absolute MediumTM (a fictional company). This will be an ongoing story written about the adventures of the characters in the game. The characters in DLO, however, are based on friends I’ve met online while the protagonist is based on yours truly! As this will be an ongoing story, I’ll try to post segments or chapters or whatever here on a semi-regular basis. While I haven’t written much so far, I wanted to at least get an introduction off to let y’all know what I have planned. Now onto the DLO’s story!

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