Golan the Wizard: Prologue

Oh yeah, another new thing! This thing has been a long time coming for me. I’ve had the idea of writing a story about a wizard for a long time but never made any of those ideas concrete. But now I’ve got most of the story down! Starting with this prologue, though this is more so written like a first chapter, but I don’t consider this to be chapter one, so I’m calling it a prologue. Since I have a handful of other things to write on my plate, I don’t know when I’ll actually write chapter one. Anyways! Read on and enjoy and shit.

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Psychobabble #6: Golan the Wizard

Today I have some more brain dumping! Remember that short story about the young runaway girl I posted a while ago? Well as I said when I posted it, that short story will tie into full story called Golan the Wizard. And I thought I’d tell you all what exactly “Golan the Wizard” is about! So instead of this being just a story idea, this will be more of a story introduction. Kinda.

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I GOT MY NEW COMPUTER!!!! I am now a happy camper. Cause I can start actually doing work again! Isn’t that…. great…. So uh, here’s the short story that will tie into next full story I’m gonna write that I talked about in the last update. It’s called Captive! A title I’m not quite fond of, but I couldn’t think of anything better…. The story it’s tied to is called Golan the Wizard! It’s about a wizard. Named Golan. I’m great at titles!

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