My Hoenn Journey: Entry #4

Yeah, number 4! I should really get a third mon… Oh well. Also I’m delaying My Thoughts on DOOM. I edited and reworded a bunch of things, so I ain’t gonna be done by Frizzyfryday. Hopefully I’ll post something else to keep up with my new posting schedule, causing failing to follow through this early? HAH. I ain’t about to do that. Again…

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My Hoenn Journey: Entry #2

Hey there fellow believers! Guess what? I’m not dead! Yet… You might have noticed that I haven’t posted anything for like a month… Well let’s just say June wasn’t the best for me. Even though it was my birthday month. (I’m 20 baby! Big whoop…) But all the BS of the last month is in the past! I’m pushing it all aside and I’ll try yet again to be constant with my upload schedule. The schedule now being, “I’ll post more bloggy type things every Monday and an actual story or chapter every other Friday!” Don’t hold me to that though… *cough, cough* Well here’s the second installation to “My Hoenn Journey”. I know the last (and first) entry was over a month ago, but I hadn’t played any of Omega Ruby for the whole time in between… So just take this now and be happy with it!

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My Hoenn Journey: Entry #1

Hey look, a new series out of the blue! In this series, I’ll be writing journal entries about my journey through the Hoenn region in Pokemon Omega Ruby as if I’m experiencing the game firsthand. I chose May, the female protagonist of the game, and named her Psycho. Cause that’s me!┬áThis entry will start off from the beginning of the game and will end… when it ends. The next entry will pick up where this one left off and the next entry will do the same and so on and so forth. Until I finish the game. Why am I suddenly doing this, you may ask? Well while I had bought Omega Ruby a while ago, I got half way through the game then just dropped it… But with Pokemon Sun and Moon coming later this year, I’ve decided to restart the game and actually finish it this time. So enjoy this attempt at journalistic Pokemon fanfiction…

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