Psychobabble #12: Random Flash, I guess…

So I wanted to have at least SOMETHING posted today but once again I couldn’t think of anything to write about…. So I just decided to start typing out something and see where it went. And this is the end product. I don’t really know what kind of story this is, but it’s exactly 500 words and it’s fiction…  So it’s technically flash fiction! It’s just not much of a story and more so… well it’s psychobabble. *insert laugh track*

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Psychobabble #6: Golan the Wizard

Today I have some more brain dumping! Remember that short story about the young runaway girl I posted a while ago? Well as I said when I posted it, that short story will tie into full story called Golan the Wizard. And I thought I’d tell you all what exactly “Golan the Wizard” is about! So instead of this being just a story idea, this will be more of a story introduction. Kinda.

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