Psychobabble #4

I didn’t have any ideas about what to write about today… So I’ll just talk about a story idea I have! Cause I have way too many ideas in my head… Getting one of my many ideas out of my mind and onto a document seems like a good idea. Too see if I should stick with the idea or trash it… Well onto brain dumping!

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Psychobabble #3

Today’s Psychobabble to brought to you by Madoka Magica! Why? Cause that’s the current anime I’m watching. Even though I’ve only seen the first two episodes so far, I got to thinking… What if I were a magical girl? Well I actually didn’t start thinking about that until this morning. Cause I was pondering things to write about today and the whole magical girl thing popped up. So yeah. Magical Girl Cpu!

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Psychobabble #1

Hah, Monday, told you! Still Monday for me anyways. Meant to post this earlier today, but I’m a lazy turd. Better late than never though, right? Yeah… Anyways, I hope you like the title! I thought it was clever. Since this whole blog thing is called Psycho Android. And this series is about whatever the hell I feel like talking about about. So… Psychobabble… I’ve so clever, I know. Just read the thing an expect another entry next Monday about…. something or another.

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