Here’s a short story I wrote a little over a year ago. It was for a creative writing class. I could write a story about anything, so I decided to write about an arsonist. What fun! I  wrote a bit more than I should have actually. The teacher said the most he wanted was a little over 20 pages. And being me, I wrote a 30 page story! I think this is pushing the boundary of being a “short” story… Oh well. Oh, and about DLO…. Chapter seven will be posted next Friday, I PROMISE!! The new characters in that chapter however… I don’t think I’ll have both of their drawings done in time, so expect them to appear on the Character Profiles in the week following.

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I GOT MY NEW COMPUTER!!!! I am now a happy camper. Cause I can start actually doing work again! Isn’t that…. great…. So uh, here’s the short story that will tie into next full story I’m gonna write that I talked about in the last update. It’s called Captive! A title I’m not quite fond of, but I couldn’t think of anything better…. The story it’s tied to is called Golan the Wizard! It’s about a wizard. Named Golan. I’m great at titles!

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