Too Close

Yooo, first post of the new year! And I’m still on time for it to count as a Monday post! Things are looking up, baby! Anywho, here’s my second post of the Teenage High thing. Most of the posts in this series will be out of order, but this one happens right after the last Teenage High post. So read that one first…┬áHere’s a link for the lazy. Enjoy!Read More »


Someone to Tell

Hey again! I wanted to post this earlier, when it was still actually Monday…. But I took too long! Hey, at least I’m posting something. So, here’s some backstory. Three years ago, I started to write a story about teenagers and high school life and all that fun stuff. Got 11 or so chapters in before I got depressed…. for the second time! So I just let the story collect dust within my files yet never left it in my mind. Over the years, all the characters continued to develop and certain moments and events kept on popping up all in my head. Soooo… I’ve decided to just write about all those scenes and characters that have just been crowding my brain. Through flash stories and/or short stories, I’ll be trying my hardest to get all the stuff I’ve amassed in my head out on paper. The following piece isn’t that start of this story, merely a moment in the middle of a Teenage High.Read More »