Update: Fri, Feb. 26, 2016

Yo, yo, it’s Cpu!! The last time I posted something was towards the beginning of the month… Sheesh. I gotta get more content out! For my fans! All two of them. I’m just super lazy. And I lack follow through. And I’m so tired all the time… But anyways, I need to post more stuff. On a more regular basis…

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Update: Mon, Nov. 16, 2015

So, uh… I’ve got some fun news. My computer is dead! Isn’t that fantastic?! Water spill… Caused by my sister…. Ugh…. So yeah, I need a new one. Good news, I didn’t lose everything! Since all my stuff is on my google drive and an external hard drive. Bad news, I lost everything from the last week. Meaning I lost everything I’ve written on the fourth chapter of DLO….

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What I’m doing with this thang

Ey, yo! Cpu Xl here, the Psychotic Android, writer of average talent… I’ll mainly be using this blog for my writing. Be it short stories or weekly chapters of some sort. I’ll occasionally write about movies, video games and other things that interest me when I’m in a rut. Oh, and I’ll post some of my artwork whenever. So, uh… Stay tuned! Yeah.