Psychobabble #10: Random Flash

So today’s Psychobabble will just be a random flash story. Cause once again I didn’t have anything planned… Also I recently finished Bloodborne, so expect my thoughts on the game soonish.

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Psychobabble #9: The World at Large

Yeah, yeah, I’ve missed the last two weeks… Whatever… But hey, to make it up this Psychobabble will be on some serious business! Just because my mind has been on this topic for a bit. The topic being my general thoughts on this crazy thing called life. Whoop dee doo. P.S. This is all just from my point of view…

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Psychobabble #6: Golan the Wizard

Today I have some more brain dumping! Remember that short story about the young runaway girl I posted a while ago? Well as I said when I posted it, that short story will tie into full story called Golan the Wizard. And I thought I’d tell you all what exactly “Golan the Wizard” is about! So instead of this being just a story idea, this will be more of a story introduction. Kinda.

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