Psychobabble #12: Random Flash, I guess…

So I wanted to have at least SOMETHING posted today but once again I couldn’t think of anything to write about…. So I just decided to start typing out something and see where it went. And this is the end product. I don’t really know what kind of story this is, but it’s exactly 500 words and it’s fiction…  So it’s technically flash fiction! It’s just not much of a story and more so… well it’s psychobabble. *insert laugh track*

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Here’s a flash fiction I wrote back in high school. Thought I’d post something short for my first… post. Now do the thing with your eyes.

The small grey robot swung his feet over the bed. He stretched out his arms and attempted to yawn, but nothing came out of the robot’s mouth. He wasn’t even tired. In fact he hadn’t even fallen asleep last night. He just stayed in bed all night, looking up at the plain white ceiling. He had no idea how the humans did it every night. He was in pajamas. A blue button shirt with little yellow ducks on them coupled with similar pants. The pajamas barely fit the round, cylindrical robot.

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