Psychobabble #11

In this Psychobabble, Cpu Xl complains about something entirely insignificant! But as I’ve been playing No Man’s Sky, this is a small thing that’s been bothering me. So I decided to make a post about it. Cause why not? Just get to reading!

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My Thoughts on DOOM

DOOOOOOOM!!! So with this finally out of the way, I’ll start to focus on another game. I’ll either finally get into Metroid Prime 2, or finish my playthrough of Transistor. That is, between my sessions of No Man’s Sky. Fricking loving that game so far! I’d say the worst part of the game is accidentally naming your first planet Colorado…..

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My Thoughts on Bloodborne

Ayyyy, Bloodborne! Finally finished dis bitch. DOOM is now my current game, though I doubt it’ll be the next game I finish. I’ve got way too many games to finish… I’m just trying to stick to one game per console at the moment. Pokemon Omega Ruby for 3DS, Metroid Prime 2 for Wii U, and DOOM for PS4. Or Gravity Rush. Or Transistor. The next entry in this series will be on one of those games!

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