The Freak

Here’s another addition to my up and coming super hero world! This story is about the freak! The Thing, Hulk, Beast, Nightcrawler like monster, you know? Also introducing the reporter of the world! Next short might be about the Batman-esque hero or the more Superman/Captain America like hero. Don’t know yet, but stay tuned!

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A Hero

Hey all! Long time no post! Well, haha, as for an excuse for not posting anything for like two months… I don’t have one. Just… Lord have mercy on my soul… But I’m posting something now! It’s just a flash story that I wrote up today. It’s quick and not at all edited but it’s something! I’ve actually have been working on a longish short story in the background that I hope to post this month. I just gotta get back into the swing of things…

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Psychobabble #4

I didn’t have any ideas about what to write about today… So I’ll just talk about a story idea I have! Cause I have way too many ideas in my head… Getting one of my many ideas out of my mind and onto a document seems like a good idea. Too see if I should stick with the idea or trash it… Well onto brain dumping!

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